Unique Birdhouses for Christmas, why yes.

Stores are already promoting Christmas shopping. When you are making your list and checking it twice don’t forget you family or friend who loves to watch the birds in their backyard. We have so many unique shaped birdhouses there is one for every taste. We have cat shaped birdhouses, dog shaped birdhouse, several kinds of bird shaped birdhouses, funny building shaped birdhouses like our outhouse birdhouse, deer shaped birdhouse, squirrel shaped birdhouse (how funny to see birds sitting in a squirrel), cow shaped birdhouses, frog shaped birdhouses and many more. Go over the Animal Shaped Birdhouses link and check them out for yourself. The biggest problem will be picking just one!

Gourd Squirrel Shaped Birdhouse

Gourd Round Squirrel Shaped Birdhouse

Don’t forget that our animal shaped birdhouses ship FREE. The price you see is the total price. To make things simple we can ship to each of your family and friends. They will be so surprised to open the box with a unique birdhouse picked out just for them. And these are not your everyday run of the mill brown box shaped birdhouse, they are colorful and whimsical birdhouses.

Cardinal Gourd Shaped Birdhouse

Cardinal Gourd Shaped Birdhouse