Mommy To Be Ornament|Pregnant Ornament




Each stylish Mommy to Be Ornament is wearing a cool outfit. Choose from first pregnant Mom ornament wearing black top, jeans and black boots carrying a package under her arm. Second Mom is wearing a red sparkle dress, cut black bracelet and black boots. Third pregnant Mom ornament is wearing a green shirt with red sparkle belt, jeans, red sparkle shoes and is holding a baby bottle. Fourth Mom to be Ornament is wearing a red sparkle dress covered by a short white jacket, black gloves, high heal black shoes and carrying two shopping bags.

Each Mommy to Be Ornament has a dangle charm with a different saying and baby carriage. Choose from the pregnant mom to be ornament saying:

Mommy To Be Ornament|Pregnant Ornament Sayings:

  • Tis the Season to spoil
  • Fab Yule Us
  • Mommy’s favorite accessory
  • Shopping for two!
  • Made of Metal
  • Sold Individually
  • Free Shipping


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