Silver Magnet Purse Charm With Colored Stones


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Decorate your purse with the Silver Magnet Purse Charm With Colored Stones. This purse magnet is largely silver in color with a design similar in shape to a spider web. Intricate designs within hold space for multicolored circular colored stones to sit around a larger central black faceted jewel.

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Align the Attractable charm on the outside of your purse with the magnet on the inside of your purse. Place your keys against the magnet inside your purse and they’ll hang securely, right where you left them.



Attractable Advice: 
  1. Use Caution when handling this magnets as they are very strong and can pinch skin.
  2. Keep away from children, they are not toys.
  3. Avoid proximity to pace makers or defibrillators as they can interfere with operation.
  4. Slide to disconnect magnets, don’t try to pull apart.



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