Wooden Star and Plaque Ornaments




Create a more one-of-a-kind look in your home this year when you choose the Wooden Star and Plaque Ornaments as a part of your Christmas decorations. The ornaments feature words and imagines in black and white against vintage-looking backgrounds. Hang them with ease using the red ribbons.

  • Made of Wood
  • Approximately 3.94″T x 2.36″W x 0.28″D
  • Sold Individually
  • Free Shipping

The rectangle ornaments include festive phrases including

  • The Sweet Smells Of Christmas Warm The Heart
  • Happiness is wintery days, cherished
  • Cherished Friends Warm The Heart Even On The Coldest Days
  • Tho far and wide on earth we roam
  • Bless us all
  • Life is wonderful…feel the magic

The star ornaments feature more family based phrases including

  • Grandmas are angels in disguise
  • A friend is a hug for your heart
  • A baby is a blessing from above
  • A Mother Is The Guardian Angel Of The Family
  • A daughter is yesterday’s dream
  • A Sister Is A Blessing From Above


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